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WESTPOINT is a French company name known by which is socialized in Small Domestic appliances. We have been serving for over 25 years in UAE as makers of Home Appliances. We have blended technology and innovation to set new quality benchmarks in every product category. Our commitment is to the simple philosophy of kitchen appliances and all electric home appliances. Westpoint Company offers a full range of Appliances repair services, but specializes in Westpoint washing machine, Westpoint cookers, Westpoint fridges, Westpoint chillers and many more products. Buy your Westpoint Fridge / Freezer parts at Our Westpoint Fridge / Freezer parts range covers everything you need to repair your Westpoint appliance. Repair in UAE are the appliance repair expert and all our Fridge / Freezer parts are available to buy online. We're sure to have the Westpoint parts you need to fix your appliance.

Westpoint Service Center Dubai

Westpoint Company was the head company of the appliances based in Dubai Westpoint Group of Companies which was primarily engaged in Appliance repair. It was placed into receivership in February 1990. Our appliances do all the hard work of human. With over 200 products to choose from and we are introducing many more regularly to our portfolio, you are sure to find one that suits your taste, and your requirements. And meets your needs and makes your life easier with our appliances. You can find our service center in Dubai different areas. Westpoint service center Dubai marina, JLT, Discovery Garden, Arabian Ranches, and all areas.

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Westpoint Service Center Abu Dhabi

We thank you and millions of our faithful customers for the confidence in our appliances and promise all of our customers a better future with better life style. We repair all products of Westpoint in Abu Dhabi including Westpoint washer, dryer, kettle, ovens, cookers, fridge, freezer, chillers and all home appliances. If you will call to our expert the he can come to your home and fix it fast. We provide original parts with warranty.

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Westpoint washing machine repair

Our new models are equipped with special door with deluxe appearance provides super large space for clothes washing and facilitates disposable washing of mass clothes. Westpoint Freestanding Front Load Washing Machine has the advance featured. Our Top Loading Washing machines can automatically do its balance and fix it by itself. So if you will buy front load or top load washing machine of Westpoint then your life becomes easy. Our washing machines save times and energy and cost effective products. The technician of Repair In UAE is expert in any type of washing machine even any model. Easy to remove and cleanand use te washing machine.

Westpoint washing machine error codes and their solutions

E1        Basic error code

E2        water leakage

E3        Motor error code

E4        Westpoint washer making sound

E5        Westpoint washing machine not spinning

E6        washing machine having the problem with door lock

E7        motor sensor error

E8        drain is blocked

E18      Westpoint washing machine is unbalance

E15      Westpoint washing machine is overload


Westpoint fridge/ refrigerators repair service  

Westpoint technology has an upgraded air duct and circulation system ensuring no-frost in the cooling and freezing compartments so the user does not have to manually defrost the refrigerator and food remains fresh. Also Westpoint provide direct cool fridge in UAE. Fridge is an appliance which is artificially kept cool and used to store food and drink. Modern refrigerators generally use the attest technology to produce the cooling. Fridge normally has plus temperature and freezer have negative temperature

Westpoint fridge/ refrigerators common problems and their solutions

  1. Fridge making noise
  2. Fridge is not cooling properly
  3. Refrigerator compressor problem
  4. Chiller is not working properly
  5. Fridge door issue
  6. Freezer temperature is not normal
  7. Fridge fan motor not working
  8. Fridge light is not working  

Westpoint Cooker/ cooking range repair services   

This is where Repair in UAE efficient repair services. Just call to book your cooking oven repair on the go! Set a day and time that suits your schedule and we will ensure that a professional who can deal with all your oven repair issues will be at your doorstep. Don’t worry about which brand of oven you have in your kitchen. If you are facing any problem related to the cooking range then just calls us our expert will be at your door at the same day to fix the cooking range. 

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