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Repair In UAE is a privately licensed LLC Company which repairs appliances in UAE.  We repair and maintenance of all home appliances of all makes and models. We are not directly from the service center of DAEWOO.  We don’t represent in any manner to the DAEWOO brand. But we repair all appliance of DAEWOO and many other brands. Daewoo service center provide the repair services in all areas.

If you have desire to contact with DAEWOO Brand, Then please visit Authorized service center of DAEWOO or Official website of DAEWOO. 


Our best professional technicians have experience to repair the following products:

  • DAEWOO refrigerators repair in UAE
  • DAEWOO washing machine repair in UAE
  • DAEWOO dishwasher repair in UAE
  • DAEWOO dryer repair in UAE
  • DAEWOO cooking range repair in UAE
  1. DAEWOO refrigerators repair in Dubai
  2. DAEWOO washing machine Repair in Dubai
  3. DAEWOO dryer repair in Dubai
  4. DAEWOO dishwasher repair in Dubai
  5. DAEWOO cooking range repair in Dubai
  6. DAEWOO Service Center Dubai 
  7. DAEWOO Service Centre Dubai
  • DAEWOO refrigerators repair in Abu Dhabi
  • DAEWOO washing machine Repair in Abu Dhabi
  • DAEWOO dryer repair in Abu Dhabi
  • DAEWOO dishwasher repair in Abu Dhabi
  • DAEWOO cooking range repair in Abu Dhabi
  • DAEWOO Service Centre Abu Dhabi 
  • DAEWOO Service center Abu Dhabi 

About Daewoo Service Center

Welcome to the official site of Daewoo consumer products. We are pleased to introduce ourselves and share our passion for every product we offer to our customers. The official Daewoo Company. In our website you can browse through the product repair services, if you have any problem related to the Daewoo appliance then book our technician visit he will come to your door step and fix it. We are Authorized Daewoo agency in UAE. Official Daewoo company . Daewoo number

History of Daewoo Service Center

We have launched our operations in the heart of UAE, first on the Dubai market in 2011. We have achieved a lot in the last 10 years, but we are the most proud of the 5000's of satisfied and loyal customers, to make their everyday life easier with Daewoo products. We are also proud to be awarded the sole distribution rights of Daewoo consumer products in several European markets both offline and online. We provide original spare parts with warranty. We provide same day fast service. We are the best Daewoo service center in UAE. We are dedicated to product quality and to developing exclusive, innovative, modern designs that meet or exceed the expectation of our customers. Our quality assurance and engineering teams ensure products are subjected to stringent quality tests and benchmark products against all leading brands. Unlike other brands, we know that our customers love a bargain. Daewoo customers always feel they made a great deal.

Daewoo Service Center Dubai

In Dubai we are providing our best services in all product of Daewoo appliances including Daewoo refrigerators, Daewoo washing machines, Daewoo cooking ranges, Daewoo fridge, Daewoo freezer, Daewoo vacuum cleaners and Daewoo all electrical home appliance maintenance center. In Daewoo service center Dubai you can get same day and fast service with in cheap rates.

i.              In Daewoo service center Dubai we cover the following areas

Dubai marina, Al Awir First, Al Awir Second, Al Bada'a, Al Baraha, Al Barsha First, Al Barsha Second, Al Barsha Third,Al Barsha South First, Al Barsha South Second, Al Barsha South Third, Al Barsha South Fourth, Al Barsha South, Al Buteen, Al Corniche, Al Garhoud, Al Hudaiba, Al Jaddaf, Al Jafiliya, Al Karama, Al Khabisi, Al Mamzar, Al Manara, Al Mankhool, Al Mina, Al Mizhar, Al Muraqqabat, Al Murar, Al Mushrif, Al Muteena, Al Nahda First, Al Nahda Second, Al Quoz First, Al Quoz Third, Al Qusais First, Al Qusais, Al Rashidiya, Al Rigga, Al Sabkha, Al Safa First, Al Satwa, Al Twar First, Al Warqa'a First, Al Wasl, Al Waheda, Business Bay, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Investment Park First, Emirates Hill First, Emirates Hill Third, Hatta, Hor Al Anz, Jebel Ali 1, Jebel Ali Industrial, Jebel Ali Palm, Jumeira First, Palm Jumeira, Jumeira Second, Jumeira Third, Mirdif, Muhaisanah, Muhaisnah, Nad Al Hammar, Nadd Al Shiba Third, Nad Shamma, Naif , Port Saeed,Arabian Ranches, Oud Al Muteena Third, Ras Al Khor, Ras Al Khor Industrial Third, Rigga Al Buteen,  Umm Al Sheif, Umm Hurair First, Umm Hurair Second, Umm Ramool, Umm Suqeim First, Umm Suqeim Second, Umm Suqeim Third, Wadi Alamardi, Warsan First, Warsan Second, Za'abeel First, Za'abeel Second, Umm Nahad First, Saih Al-Dahal, Saih Al Salam

ii.            Also our Daewoo service center available in Dubai

Daewoo service center Dubai marina

Daewoo service center Arabian Ranches

Daewoo service center Springs Dubai

Daewoo service center Sports city Dubai

Daewoo service center Motor City Dubai

Daewoo service center international City Dubai

Daewoo service center Al Qouz Dubai

Daewoo service center Shekh Zaid Road

Daewoo service center Business Bay

Daewoo service center JLT

Daewoo service center JVC

Daewoo service center JVT

Daewoo service center Jumeirah Park

Daewoo service center Discovery Gardens Dubai

Daewoo Service Center Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi Daewoo service center provides repair services all areas. We have expert and best experience technicians. Who can easily repair all models of Daewoo products? Mostly we repair Daewoo washing machines, Daewoo washer and dryer, Daewoo fridge, Daewoo freezer, Daewoo home appliances maintenance services. We are using the original spare parts with warranty.

i.              In Daewoo service center Abu Dhabi we cover the following areas

Al Zahiyah and Al Markaziyah, Madinat Zayed, Al Wahda, Khalidiya, Al Karamah, Al Rowdah and Al Mushrif, Al Muroor, Khalifa City

ii.            Also our Daewoo service center available in Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Khalifa City Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Muhammad Bin Zaid City Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Shakhboot City Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Al Zeina Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Al Bander Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Musafaha Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Golf Garden Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Al reem island Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Maroor Road Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Khalifa Street Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Al Flah Street Abu Dhabi

Daewoo service center Al Bateen Abu Dhabi

Daewoo Washing Machine Repair

Our experts can repair any models of Daewoo washing machines. Including all types’ washer only, washer plus dryer, Daewoo dryer, we use original parts with warranty. Our experts can repair of Daewoo washing machine models,

i.              Daewoo washing machine models

Daewoo DWC-LD1412 Washing Machine, Daewoo DWC-LD141X Washing Machine, Daewoo Front Load Washer 7kg DWDGN1231, Daewoo DWD-CV703W Washing Machine, Daewoo DWD-F1011 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-F1012 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-F1013S Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-F1211 Washing Machine, Daewoo Front Load Washing Machine DWDMT1215 6Kg,  Daewoo DWD-F1212 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-F1213S Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-FD1452 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-FI2411 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-FI5411 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-FV2221 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-FV2421 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-GM1011 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-GM1211 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-HC0241B Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-HC9241B Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-HQ1221 Washing Machine Daewoo DWD-HQ1421D Washing Machine,  Daewoo 9Kg Front Load Automatic Washing Machine – DWD-EHD1433, Daewoo DWD-LD141X Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-M1031 Washing Machine Daewoo DWD-M1231 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-M1232 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-M1233 Washing Machine, Daewoo 8.5 Kg Front Load Automatic Washing Machine- DWD-HT1416,  Daewoo DWD-M1234 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-M301WP Mini Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWD-MH121NS Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWDG1441 Washing Machine Daewoo DWDL1221 Washing Machine, Daewoo DWDLD1421 Washing Machine Daewoo,  DWDM10E6 Washing Machine, Daewoo DWDM12C6 Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWF-200M Washing Machine,  Daewoo DWF-240M Washing Machine, Daewoo DWF-33CGWD Washing Machine

ii.            Daewoo washing machine common faults and solutions

Mostly Daewoo washing machines have the following faults


Error Code                  Problem

F1        The machine turns on but does not start and LEDs No. 1 and 2 flash (LED model) or F1 appears on display (LCD model)

F2        The machine does not take water and LEDs. 1 and 3 flash (LED model) or F2 appears on display (LCD model)

F3        LED number 2 and 3 flash (LED model) or F3 appears on monitor (Display model)

F4        The machine does not empty, does not spin and LED 1 and 4 flash (LED model) or F4 appears on display (LCD model)

F5        LED number 2 and 4 flash (LED model) or F5 is displayed (Display model).

F6        LED number 1, 2 and 4 flash (LED model) or F6 is displayed (Display model).

IE         Water inlet error

OE       Drain error

UE       Unbalance error. The laundry is concentrated to one side of the drum during spin. Rearrange the laundry.

LE        Door open error

E2        Overflow error

E4        Leakage error. Water leaks from the tub or the hose drain. Check the leak of the tub or the hose drain. Then change the tub or the hose drain.

E5        High voltage error

E6        EMG error

E8        Motor error

E9        Sensor pressure error. The water level sensor is an inferior product. Change the water level sensor.

H2       Thermistor wash error

H4       Thermistor wash overheating error

H5       Water temp. Error

H6       Heater wash error

H8       Heater wash overheating error. The heater worked without the water in the tub. Check the water level and the heater wash.

lb         LGBT error. The pcb ass’y is an inferior product. Change the pcb ass’y.

PFE     Pump filter error

b1        Motor alignment error

b2        Motor speed control error

b3        Low voltage error

b4        Motor startup overloading error

Our services areas:

Daewoo Fridge / Refrigerator repair  

Daewoo provides many types refrigerators, fridge, freezer, chillers, and wine cooler. In this age fridge is the compulsory appliance for any kitchen, if you are facing lot of problems in the Fridge Section then we have expert teem who can repair the Fridge at your house at cheap cost with good quality. Just call to our company so they can fix it best.

i.              Daewoo fridge models which we repair on daily bases

Daewoo FR-3501 Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo FF-384H Freezer, Daewoo FR-3502 Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo FR-3503 Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo Top Mount Refrigerator DW-FR-624VSI 463L Silver, Daewoo FR-3801 Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo FR-3802 Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo FR-3803 Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo FRG-1830BRW Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo FRG-2120BRW Fridge-Freezer, Haier - Top Mount Refrigerator - 380L - Silver - HRF-380SS - 1 Year Warranty, Daewoo FRN-R50NQS Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo FRN-Z53NQS Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo FRS-U20WS Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo MFRS-T30H3 Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo MRFS-26D2TI Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo RN-331DPS Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo Double Door Refrigerator FN425S3F 425Ltr,  Daewoo RN-331DPW Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo RN-332NPS Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo RN-332NPW Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo Fridge Frd68S 190L Silver, Daewoo 140 Liters Single Door Refrigerator - Silver, FN-146, Daewoo Fridge Fn-153R 140, Daewoo Fridge Fn-093 90L, Daewoo RN-340W Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo RN-T425RNB Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo RN-T425RNW Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo RNH2810WHF Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo RNH3210SCH Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo RNH3210SNH Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo RNH3210WCH Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo RNV3810DSF Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo RNV3810DSN Fridge-Freezer, Daewoo RNV3810DWF Fridge-Freezer

ii.            Daewoo fridge / Refrigerator common faults and solutions

Daewoo Refrigerator Error Codes

Error Codes    Cause

F1        F-Sensor Disconnection, Short Circuit. At Temperature Display, a Disconnection is shown as “Lo” , Short Circuit “Hi”.

r1         R-Sensor Disconnection, Short Circuit. At Temperature Display, a Disconnection is shown as “Lo” , Short Circuit “Hi”.

rt          RT-Sensor Disconnection, Short Circuit. At Temperature Display, a Disconnection is shown as “Lo” , Short Circuit “Hi”.

d1        D-Sensor Disconnection, Short Circuit. At Temperature Display, a Disconnection is shown as “Lo” , Short Circuit “Hi”.

HS       Humidity Sensor Disconnection, Short Circuit. At Temperature Display, a Disconnection is shown as “Lo” , Short Circuit “Hi”.

dr         When R-Door Open is detected for one hr. or longer

dF        When F-Door Open is detected for one hr. or longer

dH       When home-bar Door Open is detected for one hr. or longer

C1       When Comp has run 3 hr. or longer as D Sensor detects -5℃ or higher

EP       At a EEPROM Read/Write Error

D2       At A/S forced Mode ( ΞΞ d2 displayed)

CE       For the Front, no Data from RX for 30 sec.

cE        For the Main, no Data from RX for 30 sec.

d3        At Power consuming forced defrosting

F3        When returning from defrosting by the time limit of 50 min. due to D Sensor

Ei         At I-Sensor Disconnection / Short Circuit

Eg        When I-Sensor Temperature does not go up to a certain point after a water supply

E1        D Sensor Open

E2        D Sensor Short

F1        F Sensor Open

F2        F Sensor Short

F3        Defect in defrosting

F4        Defect in S/W

F5        Defect in compressor

F-Sensor Temperature Display

D-Sensor Temperature Display

R-Sensor Temperature Display

RT (Surrounding Temperature)-Sensor Temperature Display

Water-supplying Time at the Water-supply mode

Humidity Sensor Temperature Display

F1(F-Sensor Disconnection/Short Circuit)

r1 (R-Sensor Disconnection/Short Circuit)

rt (RT-Sensor Disconnection/Short Circuit)

d1 (D-Sensor Disconnection/Short Circuit)

dr (R-Door Switch Bad)

dF (F-Door Switch Bad)

dH (Home bar Door Switch Bad)

C1 (Condenser Cycle Abnormal)

EP (EEPROM Abnormal)

d2 (Ξ Ξ d2 Display, A/S Forced Defrosting Mode Display)

Co (Short Circuit Mode Display)

H5 (Humidity Sensor Disconnection/Short Circuit)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Daewoo Refrigerator?

Winia Electronics makes Daewoo refrigerators. Winia Electronics, originally Daewoo Electronics, is a South Korean home appliance manufacturer and a member of the Winia Group. Everything from TVs to microwaves, dryers, and refrigerators is offered by Winia Daewoo.

How to Operate Daewoo Automatic Washing Machine?

You can easily operate daewoo automatic washing machine by following 5 easy steps.

  • Include any dirty laundry.
  • Put detergent.
  • Choose the appropriate cycle for your machine.
  • Decide on a temperature.
  • As soon as the cycle is over, unload the washing machine.
  • How to Use Daewoo Convection Microwave Oven?
  • Place the meal on a dish suitable for the microwave.
  • Set the control panel's cook time.
  • Remove food from the microwave, then allow it to cool.
  • Push the power button for convection mode.
  • Pre-heat after setting the cooking temperature.
  • Use the convection rack to insert food.
  • Start a timer.
  • Take your meal away.

Is Daewoo a Good Brand for Washing Machine?

Yes, Daewoo makes quality washing machine brands. The most valuable brand of equipment is Daewoo. When compared to similar priced devices, the build quality is superior. Compared to other brands, it has better characteristics.

How Daewoo Auto Front Load Washing Machine Works?

  • Put detergent.
  • Launder your clothes.
  • To the dispenser drawer, add fabric conditioner.
  • Select temperature.
  • Choose the appropriate spin cycle.
  • Shut the door.
  • For best freshness, make sure to quickly unload your clean laundry.

How to Adjust the Refrigerator Temperature Daewoo Small?

On your Daewoo refrigerator, a high setting number (levels 5 to 7) is typically correlated with a low temperature. On the other hand, a low setting level (such 2 or 3) is typically linked to a less chilled environment within your Daewoo refrigerator.

As a result, you must raise the cold setting level on your Daewoo refrigerator if you want to lower the temperature. On the other hand, you must decrease this chilly setting level in order to raise the temperature of your Daewoo refrigerator.

How Much Litres Daewoo Fn651nws?

Daewoo FN651NWS's gross capacity is 650 Litres.

How to Remove Back Side of Daewoo Fr-146s?

These steps must be followed to remove the back panel on a Daewoo Fr-146s .

  • The refrigerator should be pulled away from the wall. Although most refrigerators have wheels, you might still require assistance if moving the refrigerator is too difficult for one person.
  • Remove the power plug's wire from the outlet.
  • Find the fasteners holding the back panel in place.
  • Use a flathead or crosshead screwdriver to remove the screws.
  • With your fingertips, grasp the panel's outer corners. To remove the panel from the fridge's bottom track, pull up and out.

Is Daewoo Vaccum Cleaners Better or Black & Decker?

The Daewoo vacuum cleaner from Black & Deck is effective, simple to operate, and equipped with several different attachments that make it simple to clean those tight spots. Above all, it is very well made and reasonably priced. A Daewoo vacuum cleaner is unbeatable; it's a great hoover, and we have no qualms about recommending it to others.

Where to Buy Daewoo Genuine Parts?

If you are looking to buy Daweoo genuine parts in UAE, then Repair in UAE is best shop to buy Daewoo genuine parts of any home appliances. We have original authentic genuine parts of all Daewoo home appliances.

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