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Smeg Service Center

SMEG Service Center

Smeg produced range of domestic kitchen appliances, large and small appliances in Dubai, UAE. SMEG is an Italian home appliance manufacturing company based in Italy. It has many offices and workshops in all over the world. The company established in 1950, and in this time period, it has given the world many tasteful and elegant household solutions and advanced appliances. Every product from the house of SMEG is known for its innovative design and features. SMEG stunning products range includes large appliances like the refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwaveoven to help you store food, wash the dishes, and heat your food, respectively. Smeg provide ovens, Dishwashers, coffee machines, dispenser, fridges, and all home appliances available in all markets.

Smeg Service Center Dubai

The greatest emphasis is placed on the choice of materials, such as steel, glass, aluminum and brass, which can be easily recycled using carefully-planned separate collections. Smeg sells top products from highly acclaimed international brands. Smeg is international brand, people use its products worldwide level. Better life is the distributer of Smeg in Dubai.

Smeg Customer Care Dubai

Smeg service center Dubai

Smeg service centre Dubai

Smeg dishwasher repair Dubai

Smeg repair appliances in Dubai

Smeg Maintenance in Dubai

Smeg Toster repair Dubai

Smeg home appliances fixing services in Dubai

Smeg Fridge repair Dubai

Smeg washing machine repair Dubai

Smeg Number Dubai


Smeg Service Center Abu Dhabi

If you are Smeg customer, you can always ping the representatives using the chat option on the website. In Abu Dhabi if you will face any problem related to the Smeg product then it is not difficult to find Smeg technician. Our expert can fix Smeg dishwasher in Abu Dhabi. Smeg all products can fix easily.

Smeg Dishwasher repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg Dishwasher repair Sadiyat

Smeg Cooker repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg Oven repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg coffee machine repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg Dishwasher repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg Hobs repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg cooker repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg Hoods repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg refrigerator repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg freezer repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg washer dryer repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg Tumble dryer repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg toaster repair Abu Dhabi

Smeg kettle repair Abu Dhabi


Smeg Fridge / Refrigerator repair services

Smeg company introduced  SMEG refrigerators, which consists of various designs like SMEG single-door fridges, SMEG mini-fridge, freezers and more. All the SMEG products offer top-class performance and excellent energy efficiency. Smeg fridge has the advance technology in which you can save time and energy.

Smeg fridge models which we repair

Smeg SMEG500BL Fridge-Freezer

Smeg SMEG500G Fridge-Freezer

Refrigerator 272 L 140 W C7172FP1 Black

Smeg SMEG500V Fridge-Freezer

Smeg SBS63XE Fridge-Freezer

Smeg SBS63XED Fridge-Freezer

Refrigerator No Frost 281 L 90 W FAB28RPK3GA Pink

Smeg SBS8004AO Fridge-Freezer

Smeg FC20DN4AM Fridge-Freezer

Smeg FC20DN4AX Fridge-Freezer

Refrigerator 38L 38 L 60 W FAB5RPB3GA Pastel Blue

Smeg FAB32LRON1 Fridge-Freezer

Smeg FAB32LSV3 Fridge-Freezer

Smeg FAB5RPB3GA Single Door Refrigerator 38 L, Pastel Blue

Smeg FAB10HLBL2 Fridge-Freezer

Smeg FAB5RCR3GA Single Door Refrigerator 38 L, Cream


Smeg Wine Cooler repair  

Smeg makes stylish wine cooler. In which you can set temperature according to your choice. Mostly these models of wine color we can fix.

Smeg SCV72XS Fridge-Freezer

Smeg SMEG500BL Fridge-Freezer

Smeg SKU WLB-460DFLD-MIX Fridge-Freezer


Smeg SMEG500G Fridge-Freezer

Dolce Stil Novo Aesthetic CVI621RWNR3

Free standing Wine Cooler Classica Aesthetic SCV115A

All type of wine cooler repair services


SMEG Ovens and Cooking Appliances repair services

SMEG’s kitchen appliances list is endless. Smeg is making your kitchen work easy to easier, here’s a list of other kitchen appliances from this manufacturer:

SMEG Kettle Repair: 

Kettle is common appliance which use for boiling water we will fix it also.

SMEG Cooker Repair: 

Smeg cooker gas and electric we can fix it. Smeg hoods also we can fix. Any tupe of cooker or cooking range we can fix.

SMEG Hobs Repair: 

Smeg hobs are the famous product which we can fix it very well.

SMEG Hoods Repair: 

Our expert can fix Smeg hoods or hobs or inductions hoods in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We can fix any type of cooker and cooking range and ovens and all cookers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Smeg Dishwasher Repair

Smeg is making free stand and built in dishwashers. These dishwashers are installed in Sadiyat Abu Dhabi. And Dubai Sustainable city and in many other places of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and we can fix any type of problem of the dishwasher.

  • Smeg WT994 Dishwasher
  • Smeg STLA825B-2 Dishwasher
  • Smeg STLA865A-1 Dishwasher
  • Smeg STA6143 Dishwasher
  • Smeg ST1FABR Dishwasher
  • Smeg ST1FABRO Dishwasher
  • Smeg LVFABPB Dishwasher
  • Smeg LSA6448B2 Dishwasher
  • Smeg DI612CAH Dishwasher
  • Smeg APL961X Dishwasher
  • Smeg BLV1AZ Dishwasher
  • Smeg BLV1AZ-1 Dishwasher
  • Smeg BLV1NE Dishwasher 
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